Convenient Checking

Un-fee Yourself from Annoying Checking Charges!

Switch to a Convenient Checking Account at Burke & Herbert Bank

Burke & Herbert Bank Is Unexpectedly Different Why settle for one of those "free if.." checking accounts other banks are always offering? You know the kind: accounts that are free if you make all sorts of transactions, keep all sorts of balances, or jump through all sorts of hoops to avoid fees. Now that's not really free, is it?

With our Convenient Checking Account, there's never a monthly fee or a transaction fee. There are no minimum balances to meet; no transaction requirements; no ifs, ands, or buts. That's why a Convenient Checking Account is so much better than other banks' free accounts. Ours is the un-fee account!1

You Won't Pay for ATMs, Either
Burke & Herbert Bank gives you free access to ATMs nationwide with our Convenient Checking Account. Not just our ATMs, but everybody's.

Smooth, Simple Banking from Virtually Anywhere
Download our free Mobile Banking app2 and you'll enjoy the latest advances like Mobile Banking Deposit and Person-to-Person payments.3

Instant Gratification
When you open your account, we'll send you on your way with a new Burke & Herbert Bank Visa® Debit Card, personalized right at your local branch.

A Different Kind of Service, Too
Call us un-stodgy. Our bankers and tellers are among the friendliest, most personable professionals you'll ever meet. We're un-pushy, un-arrogant, and totally un-willing to leave you without a smile on your face.

Isn't It Time You Discovered a Bank that's Un-expectedly Different?
Switch to a Convenient Checking Account at Burke & Herbert Bank today.

* Touch ID is available exclusively on iOS devices.

1. Customers may choose to open Convenient Checking with Interest, instead of Convenient Checking. $100 to open Convenient Checking with Interest. For Convenient Checking with Interest, there is no monthly fee if average daily balance is $1,500 or above; a $2 monthly fee if average daily balance is $500–$1,500; a $5 monthly fee if average daily balance is below $500.

2. Burke & Herbert Bank does not charge fees to download or use Burke & Herbert Bank Mobile Banking. Your individual carrier may charge for text messaging, web access and other related services. Check with your carrier for information about any fees that may apply.

3. Transaction limits apply.


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